Aan het woord...
met Paul Medhurst

Who are you, where do you live?


My name is Paul Medhurst. I am British and have lived with my wife Inge in Ratingen for many



Since when did you become a member of Maas & Roer?


I joined M & R in 1988, we were previously in Rosslag, our young son was given a sailing dinghy.

Sailing the Maas was not for a 9 year old! We knew some members of the English Royal Air Force

Sailing Association, who were very happy as guests with M & R. We applied to join the club.


Since when have you been sailing and how did your passion for sailing originate?


I started sailing in 1940 at school in South Devon in 14 foot lug rigged wood dinghys and 8 oared

rowing boats, all in tidal waters.I joined Langstone Sailing Club in South England in 1957, and I am still a member. To become a member you had to swim 25 meters fully clothed!


What do you like about our association?


We have always found M & R a friendly and active club, with keen younger members. On our Stage E, we know and help each other, and offer advise to those who ask. 18 years ago we organised a “Stage E” festival on mid-summers-day. Also a mid-winter-lunch at Aiga and Hans . Both became annual events. This makes a big difference between a club and a harbour where you simply moor your boat.


Where are you usually on the property?


We are usually on Stage E 24 , at most weekends, we have made many annual cruises for 3 – 8 weeks in Zeeland, which offers super sailing on inshore waters and along the coast.


Which boat do you have now and which boats have you sailed before?


Our present boat is a Samphire 26 foot long keeled cruiser, which we sailed from England, and have had for 26 years.

We started with a 21 foot Corribee in Rosslag for a few years, until our son grew out of it. I have sailed on many boats, and have owned Mirror, Enterprise and Fireball, which I had some success in regattas. There is at least one club in England , who owns all the boats and sails etc. You soon see who can sail well!


Do you have a specific place that you would like to sail to again?


I would like to sail the coast in South East England again, which I know well. We are however too old for channel crossing and not for wind Bf 6 ( the yachtmans gale )


What was your best moment on the boat?


Entering Ostende harbour at 2 am after 18 hours of hard bad weather sailing from England.


What kind of sailor are you?


I am a regatta “has been” , and now enjoying sailing comfortably without heeling more than 15° ( the ladies limit ).

All electronics switched off except the echo sounder. I try to remember gentlemen do not sail against the wind.


Do you ever participate in competitions?


I no longer sail in competitions. It is said that regatta sailing spoils the character of people. In Roermond local knowledge is important, wind shadows etc. play a big part. On open water it is different.


Do you have a hobby or sport?


I make models, ride my bicycle and enjoy watching other people work. I retired age 75, and am 2 years younger than H.M. Queen Elizabeth.



Paul geeft het stokje van deze rubriek 'Aan het woord" door aan Uli Neumann.

Paul, hartelijk dank voor de medewerking.